The Nuclear Safety Officer and Reporting Ordinance (Atomrechtliche Sicherheitsbeauftragten- und Meldeverordnung– AtSMV) details the responsibilities of the Nuclear Safety Officer and stipulates the procedure for notifying reportable events to the relevant supervisory authority. Reportable events are classed in categories S, E, N or V, which describe how urgently the supervisory authority has to be informed, along with the relevant reporting procedures.

  • Category S: Events that must be reported to the supervisory authority immediately in order for the authority to be able to launch an investigation or to prompt measures in a very short space of time. This includes events involving acute safety deficiencies.
  • Category E: Events that have to be reported to the supervisory authority within 24 hours. This includes events whose cause must be clarified within a short space of time for safety reasons and which must be addressed rapidly, if necessary. Generally, these events are not directly significant in terms of safety.
  • Category N: Events that must be reported to the supervisory authority within five working days. Generally, these events are of minor safety-related importance.
  • Category V: Events which must be reported within 10 working days and about which the supervisory authority must be informed with respect to the future safe operation of the plant.

The reporting criteria set forth in the AtSMV cover events which occur well in advance of an incident or accident.