Nuclear safety

An information portal of the Federal government and the Länder

One of the state’s most important tasks is to protect the public and environment. This includes protection against potential hazards resulting from the operation and decommissioning of nuclear facilities, for instance nuclear power plants.

In order to guarantee the safe operation of nuclear facilities, a large number of legislative provisions and technical rules have been adopted in Germany that license holders must comply with.

The government monitors compliance with these provisions. Once the required licences have been granted, nuclear facilities are subject to continuous state supervision for their entire operating lives, from construction to decommissioning. The main objective of this supervision is to ensure that the safety level laid down in the licence is maintained and hazards are counteracted, if need arises.

The competent authorities of the Federal government and Länder provide information about their activities in the field of nuclear safety. This portal brings together this information, providing a comprehensive overview of this topic.