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The German Atomic Energy Act authorises the adoption of ordinances in order to determine the specifics of the various items of legislation. These ordinances are issued by the relevant federal ministry but require the consent of the Bundesrat, the federal constitutional body comprising representatives of the Länder governments.

The table below lists the main ordinances relating to the field of nuclear safety and radiation protection.


Brief description of the legislative content

StrlSchV Radiation Protection Ordinance (PDF external, 5 KB, in German)
Specification of several legal provisions in further detail, including specific standards for radiation protection in the workplace and medical settings and for general protection of the population
AtVfV Nuclear Licensing Procedure Ordinance (external link in German)
Application documents (one-time safety analysis report), involvement of the public, safety specifications (operational limits and conditions for safe operation), procedures and criteria for significant modifications (public participation)
AtSMV Nuclear Safety Officer and Reporting Ordinance (external link in German)
Position, duties, responsibilities of the nuclear safety officer, notification of reportable events in nuclear installations, research reactors (with thermal capacity above 50 kW), nuclear fuel supply facilities, interim storage facilities for nuclear fuels
AtZüV Nuclear Reliability Assessment Ordinance (exteral link in German)
Checking of personal reliability for protecting against the diversion or major release of radioactive material 
AtDeckV Nuclear Financial Security Ordinance (external link in German)
Financial security pursuant to the Atomic Energy Act
AtKostV Cost Ordinance under the Atomic Energy Act (external link in German)
Fees and costs in nuclear procedures
KIV Ordinance Concerning Potassium Iodide Tablets (external link in German)
Provision and distribution of medicine containing potassium iodide as a thyroid blocker in radiological events
AtAV Nuclear Waste Shipment Ordinance (external link in German)
Shipment of radioactive waste into or out of the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany
EndlagerVIV Repository Prepayment Ordinance (external link in German)
Advance payments for the construction of federal facilities for the long-term storage and disposal of radioactive waste
NDWV Ordinance on emergency dose values (external link in German)
Establishing dose values that serve as criteria for the appropriateness of key early measures for the protection of the population

Table: Statutory ordinances on protective and preventive measures relating to nuclear safety and radiation protection.

Technical aspects of facility and operational safety, standards pertaining to training and qualifications, and various other protective actions are not currently covered by statutory ordinances in Germany but are a matter for sub-statutory regulation.