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Regulatory frameworks

The provisions of the Radiation Protection Act (StrlSchG) on an emergency management system of the federal government and Länder entered into force on 1 October 2017. One significant reform in the field of emergency preparedness concerns the emergency response plans to be coordinated between the federal government and the Länder (sections 97– 101 StrlSchG). These plans must put all organisations involved in responding to an emergency in a position to take immediate coordinated decisions in cases of potential emergencies and to take appropriate measures to protect the population in a timely manner.

In Germany, the civil protection strategy for nuclear emergencies is based on the Basic Radiological Principles for Decisions on Measures for the Protection of the Population against Accidental Releases of Radionuclides and the Basic Recommendations for Emergency Preparedness in the Vicinity of Nuclear Installations. Prepared by the federal and Länder authorities, these documents describe in detail how, when and where the appropriate measures are to be taken. In accordance with section 97 (5) StrlSchG, these documents, along with others, shall be used as provisional emergency response plans until the federal emergency response plan has been adopted.