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The European stress test in Germany

Immediately after the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, all German nuclear power plants underwent comprehensive safety reviews. While conducting its safety reviews on German nuclear power plants in the aftermath of Fukushima, the Reactor Safety Commission (RSK) assessed the robustness of the facilities when confronted with events beyond their design basis. The results were published in RSK Statement No. 437 dated 16 May 2011.

In addition to the RSK’s safety review, Germany participated in the EU stress test, submitting its final report to the European Commission on 31 December 2011. The three central aspects – external events, power and coolant failure, and emergency response – were reviewed. It was found that conservative and robust design specifications had been met in the construction of the plants for each of these aspects. The RSK had previously already noted the high level of robustness achieved by the German plants in selected aspects.