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Radiation Protection Ordinance

Based on the Atomic Energy Act, the Radiation Protection Ordinance (Strahlenschutzverordnung– StrlSchV) regulates in detail the protection to be afforded to the general public and to personnel occupationally exposed to radiation. It stipulates that during events of significance to nuclear safety (radiological emergencies, accidents and incidents), all measures necessary to minimise the risk to life, health and property must be initiated without delay. It imposes an obligation on nuclear facility operators to take precautions in order to prevent incidents, accidents and associated damage.

In accordance with the Radiation Protection Ordinance, the occurrence of a significant safety-related event must be communicated to the nuclear safety authority and, if necessary, to the authorities responsible for public safety or order and for disaster control without delay.

Under the reform, the Radiation Protection Ordinance (StrSchV) will likely become a statutory ordinance of the StrSchG at the end of 2018.