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Isar 2 nuclear power plant

© S8z11, KKI 2, cropped by BMU, CC BY-SA 3.0


Isar 2 nuclear power plant in Bavaria is operated by PreussenElektra GmbH. Commercial operation began in 1988.


General information

Federal stateBavaria
Type (construction line)Pressurised water reactor (Convoy)
Current operatorPreussenElektra GmbH 
OwnerPreussenElektra GmbH, Stadtwerke München 

Operational data

Application date13 February 1979
Start of construction15 September 1982
First criticality15 January 1988
First grid synchronisation22 January 1988
Start of commercial operation9 April 1988
Expiry of authorisation for power operation in accordance with the German Atomic Energy Act (AtG)31 December 2022

Technical data

Thermal reactor power3,950 MW
Gross electric capacity1,485 MW
Net electric capacity1,410 MW
Number of reactor coolant pumps4
Number and mass of fuel elements193, total fuel mass excluding structural material approx. 103 t
Composition of the nuclear fuelUO2/PuO2 (uranium dioxide, uranium-plutonium MOX)
Number of control elements61
Type of cooling systemWater cooling tower