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Neckarwestheim GKN II nuclear power plant


Neckarwestheim GKN II nuclear power plant in Baden-Württemberg is operated by EnBW Kernkraft GmbH. Commercial operation began on 15 April 1989. 


General information

Federal stateBaden-Württemberg
TType (construction line)KWU-pressurised water reactor (Convoy)
Current operatorEnBW Kernkraft GmbH
OwnerEnBW AG

Operational data

Application date 27 November 1980
Start of construction 9 November 1982
First criticality 29 Dezember 1988
First grid synchronisation 3 January 1989
Start of commercial operation 15 April 1989
Expiry of authorisation for power operation in accordance with the German Atomic Energy Act (AtG) 15 April 2023

Technical data

Thermal reactor power3,850 MW
Gross electric capacity1,440 MW
Net electric capacity1,310 MW
Number of reactor coolant pumps4
Number and mass of fuel elements in the reactor core193, mass per fuel element approx. 840 kg
Number of fuel elements193
Type of fuel elements18 x 18 rods
FuelUranium oxide with 4.45 % U-235 max. 72 uranium-plutonium MOX reactivity equivalent up to 4.0 % U-235.
Number of control elements61
Type of cooling systemHybrid cooling tower