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Stade nuclear power plant

© Huhu Uet, AKW Stade 02, cropped by BMU, CC BY-SA 3.0


Stade nuclear power plant in Lower Saxony is operated by PreussenElektra GmbH. Commercial operation began in 1972. The plant was shut down on 14 November 2003.


General information

Federal stateLower Saxony
Type (construction line)Pressurised water reactor
Current operatorPreussenElektra GmbH
BOperator prior to decommissioningE.ON Kernkraft GmbH
OwnerPreussenElektra GmbH

Operational data

Application date28 July 1967
Start of construction17 November 1967
First criticality8 January 1972
First grid synchronisation29 January 1972
Start of commercial operation19 May 1972
Shutdown date14 November 2003

Technical data

Net electric capacity662 MW
All fuel removed from plantYes