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Nuclear Power Plant Greifswald

Eight pressurised water reactors of Russian design WWER 4340 was planned for the Greifswald/Lubmin site. At the time of German reunification, Units 1 to 4 were operating commercially and Unit 5 was in trial operation. Units 6 to 8 were still under construction.

Trial operation of Unit 5 was shut down on 29 November 1989. Commercial operation of Units 1 to 4 was discontinued during the period 28 February 1990 to 19 December 1990. In 1990 and 1991 the EWN GmbH supervisory board decided to decommission Units 1 to 5 and end construction work on Units 6 to 8.

On 3 January 1994, the nuclear licensing authority of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern issued a notice declaring that Units 7 and 8 did not fulfil the provisions of the Atomic Energy Act.

The "Authorisation for decommissioning the entire installation and for dismantling plant components of the nuclear power plant Lubmin/Greifswald" was issued for Units 1 to 6 on 30 June 1995. The double unit design of Units 5 and 6 meant they shared a building for housing equipment. Unit 6 therefore had to be included in the scope of the authorisation even though it had never contained nuclear fuel.